Atlas Jitske

Jitske Jansen Explains in the TV program ‘Atlas’ the direct effects of SARS-CoV-2 on kidneys Ook schade aan de nieren bij milde coronabesmetting Het coronavirus kan ook schade veroorzaken aan de nieren bij milde klachten. Hoe het virus dit precies doet, onderzoekt onderzoeker nierpathologie Jitske Jansen door mininiertjes te besmetten met COVID-19.

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Nephrotic syndrome in a dish

Our recent publication in Pediatric Nephrology. February 2019 Nephrotic syndrome in a dish: recent developments in modeling in vitro. In this review, we highlight the molecular basis of nephrotic syndrome and discuss requirements to accurately study nephrotic syndrome in vitro, including an overview of specific podocyte markers, cutting-edge stem cell organoids, and the implementation of microfluidic platforms. The development of (patho) physiologically relevant glomerular models will accelerate the identification of molecular targets involved in nephrotic syndrome and may be the harbinger of a new era of therapeutic avenues.

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A huge surface

A huge surface A microscopic image scan of a cross-section of a mouse kidney. Different microscopic images are digitally stitched together to create this image. The bright fluorescent green structures are the brush borders within the kidney. Both kidneys together filter 200 liters of fluid every 24 hours. The filtrate is further processed and concentrated to the 1,5 liter of urine we normally pee throughout the day. The filtrate is processed in specialized tubes (nephrons). A human kidney has about one million nephrons, and the total length of the nephrons in the kidney is about 40 miles! The inside of …

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