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Bart Smeets was selected for the Radboud Hypatia Track. The Radboud Hypatia Track is aimed at excellent researchers who are ready to develop themselves as leaders within their academic fields.

Jennifer Eymael won the ‘Best presentation award’ at the “Junge Niere” meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nefrologie (DGfN).

Jennifer Eymael was awarded with a travel grant for the German annual nephrology congress 2017, Mannheim, Germany.

Bart Smeets received the Radboudumc Hypatia Tenure Track grant.

Bart Smeets was award winner of the Dr. Werner Jackstädt Research Award 2014. This award is for the promotion and award of outstanding scientists in the field of acute kidney disease. This prize is made possible by the Dr. Werner Jackstädt Foundation.

Vidi grant for eleven Radboud researchers. Bart Smeets will be using his grant to investigate the importance of the signal protein SDF-1 in preventing and repairing damage to cells in the kidney filters, the renal tubules and the tiny capillaries in the kidneys. NWO (The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) is awarding the Vidi grant as part of the Innovational Research Incentives Scheme.